PRE-PILOT PROJECTS2022-04-14T12:52:35-05:00

Pre-Pilot Projects – Year 1:

Fayola A. Levine, BA:  “PVT1 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Black Women”

Devon Lundine, BS:  “Oncogenic Mutant p53 Interactions x with Replicating DNA in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer”

Michelle K. Naidoo, BS:  “MicroRNA-1205 as a Tumor Suppressor in Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Black Males”

Oluwatoyin J. Odumuwagun, BS:  “Oxytocin as a Biopsychosocial Modulator in Hepatocellular Carcinoma”

Aisha Bhimla, MPH:  “Examining Built Environmental and Geospatial Predictors of Colorectal Cancer Risk behaviors Among Asian Americans in Philadelphia”

Elizabeth Blackman:  “Assessing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening for the Black Population in Philadelphia County”

Ziran  Zhao MS, BS:  “Immortalization and Characterization of Primary Normal and Patient-derived Prostate Human Cells”

Pre-Pilot Projects – Year 2: 

Zeba Ahmad: “Qualitative Investigation of Disparities and Socio-cultural Differences in Oncofertility Care among Young Adult Cancer Survivors”

George Annor: “Determining the Role of the Oligomerization Domain (OD) of Gain-of-Function Mutant p53”

Holly Ann Fowle: “Optimization of Immortalization of Human Primrary Normal and Patient-Derived PCa Cells”

Scott Gross:  “UV-Induced SOCE Suppression in Melanoma Metastatic Progression”

Rishi Jain: “Exploring the Relationships between Food Insecurity and Dietary Quality in African American and Hispanic Patients with Gastro-intestinal Cancers”

Min A. Kang: “Magnetic Nanorotor-Based Controlled Delivery of Candidate RNA Cancer Thera-peutics”

Kamran Khan: “Endostatin Regulation of MHC 1 as a Mechanism of Immune Evasion by Circulating Tumor Cells”

Timmy Lin:  “Examining the Role of Built Environment Factors on Lung Cancer Among Asian American Female Never Smokers”

Qingchun Lu: “The Role of Long Non-Coding RNA TP53TG1 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma”

Wenyue Lu: “Oral Cancer among Asian American and Non-Hispanic White Adults Aged 50 and Younger: Racial/Ethnic Disparities”

Lynde Lutzow: “Assessment of Lung Cancer Screening Programs at the Health System Level to Better Understand Barriers to Care and Outcome Disparities”

Sophia Varriano: “The Role of Estrogen Signaling in Regulating Messenger RNA 3′ End Processing in Breast Cancer”

Christopher Wheldon: “HPV Vaccine Promotion for Young Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men (GBM)”

Cristina Zambrano: “Nutritional Mechanisms of Early Onset Colorectal Cancer in Hispanics”

Lauren Zimmaro: “Evaluating a Biobehavioral Model of Stress Among Racially Diverse Colorectal Cancer Patients”

Pre-Pilot Projects – Year 3:

Jorge Canar, BA:  “PVT1 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Black Women”

Priyanka Ghosh, MS:  “Reciprocal Regulation of MiR-1207-3p by its Molecular Target FNDC1 in Prostate Cancer”

Rusia Lee, BA:  “Identifying Ubiquitin Substrates of MDM2 and MDMX in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells”

Devorah Mincha Natelson, BA:  “Effects of BRCA1-Mediated Ubiquitination of HuR on RNA Metabolism in Breast Cancer a”

Zachary Wilmer Reichenbach, MD, PhD:  “Examination of Factors Affecting Barrett’s Esophasgus and Esophageal Adeno-carcinoma in African American Patients”

Jason Scott Wasserman, BA:  “Adherence to Lung Cancer Screening App”

Kenneth Bonett, BA:  “Immortalization and Characterization of Primary Normal and Patient-derived Prostate Human Cells”

Veronica Shikha Gomes, MA, MPhil: “The Influence of Ethnic Enclaves on Colon Cancer Stage at Diagnosis among New Jersey Hispanics”