Pilot Projects2019-09-10T14:52:12-05:00
Name Project Title
Nicholas J. Bodor, MD, PhD Racial Disparities in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Incidence: a Pilot Project to Examine the Role of Estrogen Metabolism, Cigarette Smoking, and Other Risk Factors
Alvaro Garcia, PhDPutting the PINCH on Cancer Cell Survival
Cicely K. Johnson, PhD Dietary and Cultural Practices of Minorities in New York City as an Indicator of Colorectal Cancer Screening Behavior and Screening Intent
Minsun Lee, PhDFeasibility of Smartphone-Based Lifestyle Monitoring to Prevent Colorectal Cancer in African and Asian Americans with a History of Colon Polyps
Gari Pal, PhDViral delivery of miR-1207-3p as a Therapeutic Option for Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Black Males
Erin K. Tagai, PhD Decision Making for Medical Management of Low Risk Prostate Cancer: A Multilevel Qualitative Evaluation
Gu Xiao, PhDDetection and Targeting of Triple Negative Breast Cancer with a p53 Tetramerization Domain Peptide
Lin Zhu, PhDThe Association between Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Risks: Social and Behavioral Pathways for Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations