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Pilot Projects – Year 1:

Cicely K. Johnson, PhD“Dietary and Cultural Practices of Minorities in New York City as an Indicator of Colorectal Cancer Screening Behavior and Screening Intent”

Gargi Pal, PhD:  “Viral Delivery of miR-1207-3p as a Therapeutic Option for Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Black males”

Gu Xiao, PhD:  “Detection and Targeting of Triple Negative Breast Cancer with a p53 Tetramerization Domain Peptide”

Alvaro Garcia, PhD:  “Putting the PINCH on Cancer Cell Survival”

Minsun Lee, PhD: “Feasibility of Smartphone-Based Lifestyle Monitoring to Prevent Colorectal Cancer in African and Asian Americans with a History of Colon Polyps”

Erin K. Tagai, PhD:  “Decision Making for Medical Management of Low Risk Prostate Cancer: A multilevel Qualitative Evaluation”

Lin Zhu, PhD: “The Association between Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Risks: Social and Behavioral Pathways for Racial/Ethnic Minority Population”

Nicholas J. Bodor, MD, PhD: “Racial Disparities in Non-small cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Incidence: a Pilot Project to Examine the Role of Estrogen Metabolism, Cigarette Smoking, and Other Risk Factors”.

Pilot Projects – Year 2:

Kumaraswamy Naidu Chitrala: “Integrated Analysis of Epigenetic Landscape of Genes Conferring Risk to Breast Cancer”

Jayashri Ghosh: “Identification & Characterization of Epigentic Outliers in African American Cancer Population”

Fayola Levine: “PVT1 Exon 9 as a Regulator of Claudin Expression in Triple Negative Breast Cancer”

Rhoda Moise: “Genetics and Geography of Human Papilloma Virus”

Michelle Naidoo: “MicroRNA-1205 Regulation of FRYL and AURKA in Cell Lineage Plasticity in Prostate Cancer”

Ang Sun: “A Pilot Study to Investigate Dynamic Changes in Colorectal-Cancer-Associated Signature Microbiome in West Philadelphia Communities that are Facing Gentrification and Over-Development”

Claudia Wultsch: “A Bioinformatics Research Platform for Cancer Health Disparities Genomic Data Analysis”

Pilot Projects – Year 3:

George Annor, MS: “Determining the Role of the Oligomerization and C-terminal Domains on Gain-of-Function Mutant p53 Functions”

Alvaro Garcia, PhD: “Reversing the Effects of Lipid Dysregulation in Glioma”

Jayashri Ghosh, PhD: “Effect of Ancestry Informative Variants on Epigenetic Outliers Among African American Colon Cancer Patients”

Aisha Bhimla, PhD, MPH: “Examining the Neighborhood Environment and Associations between Obesity and Colorectal Cancer”