PILOT PROJECTS (Future)2019-08-22T11:19:21-05:00

Pilot Projects:

Cicely K. Johnson, PhD“Dietary and Cultural Practices of Minorities in New York City as an Indicator of Colorectal Cancer Screening Behavior and Screening Intent”

Gargi Pal, PhD:  “Viral delivery of miR-1207-3p as a therapeutic option for aggressive prostate cancer in Black males”

Gu Xiao, PhD:  “Detection and Targeting of Triple Negative Breast Cancer with a p53 Tetramerization Domain Peptide”

Alvaro Garcia, PhD:  “Putting the PINCH on Cancer Cell Survival”

Minsun Lee, PhD: “Feasibility of Smartphone-Based Lifestyle Monitoring to Prevent Colorectal Cancer in African and Asian Americans with a History of Colon Polyps”

Erin K. Tagai, PhD:  “Decision making for medical management of low risk prostate cancer: A multilevel qualitative evaluation”

Lin Zhu, PhD: “The Association between Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Risks: Social and Behavioral Pathways for Racial/Ethnic Minority Population”

Nicholas J. Bodor, MD, PhD: “Racial disparities in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) incidence: a pilot project to examine the role of estrogen metabolism, cigarette smoking, and other risk factors”.