Y4 & Y5 PROJECTS2023-06-08T08:45:25-05:00

Attitudes Towards Somatic and Germline Genetic Testing Among Cancer Patients: Examining the Role of Medical Mistrust in Genetic Testing Disparities


Michael J. Hall, MD, MS, (TUFCCC) Sarah Bauerle Bass, PhD, (TUFCCC) Tracey A. Revenson, PhD (HC)

Examined the role of medical mistrust in genetic testing disparities among cancer patients using a mixed-methods study to develop targeted messages to influence uptake.

Screening new Terbrid Snail Venom Peptides for Anticancer Activity


Mandë Holford, PhD, (HC) Jaon Font-Burgada, PhD (TUFCCC), Roland Dunbrack, PhD (TUFCCC)

Developed AlphaFold2 custom pipeline for the structure prediction of 1151 teretoxin sequences recently identified.

Large-scale Generation of Immunotherapeutic Exosomes Stimulated by Self-Assembling Peptides in Dendritic Donor Cells for Prostate Cancer Treatment


Hiroshi Matsui, PhD, (HC) Olorunseun Ogunwobi, MD, PhD, (HC), Stefania Gallucci, PhD (TUFCCC)

Examined the large-scale generation of immunotherapeutic exosomes stimulated by self-assembling peptides in donor dendritic cells for prostate cancer treatment.